Helping Sydney families with relationships, parenting, ageing, disabilities, and mental health concerns.
8am - 6pm. Mon - Fri

CCareline 13 18 19

Where we help

Our professional CCareline team is dedicated to helping Sydney families find the services they need.

Our CCareline team is the first point of contact for the community. The team provide professional, caring advice to families navigating their way through the social services sector.

The CCareline team help you find: 

  • Family and parenting support 
  • Counselling and relationship services
  • Specialist services for domestic and family violence
  • Help with addictions and mental health concerns
  • Therapies and allied health services
  • Guidance through the Government's My Aged Care system  

The team are there to help you live and thrive.

Call us on 13 18 19 to find out how we can help.

Visit the CCareline dedicated website for all our contact details, emergency numbers and for more information about CCareline.

The CCareline  'Refer a Friend' App

When someone is facing hardship or troubles they tell their friends and ask leaders in their community… school principals, teachers, family educators, class parents, priests, pastoral care.

The CCareline App is intended to give you a tool to help by putting the knowledge of CCareline in your pocket.

Watch this short video explaining how the CCareline App works.

Download now

Search ‘CCareline’ on your smartphone's App Store  or Google Play and download the free CCareline App today to help others find the professional help they need.

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