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For many of us, as we go about our everyday life, it can be easy to forget those in our community who are struggling, lonely or full of despair.

As we walk through our cities, it is easy to look past the people who are sleeping on the streets, to not make eye contact and say hello. 

We can forget that prisoners have families and lives; and that, sometimes, both fall apart when they are in prison. 

We may not know that the family attending mass with us each Sunday or sitting next to us at the football is in trouble and needs help.

We will not know that the young girl with a baby on the bus is pretty much on her own in the world and, without support, her life and that of her child, will be characterised by constant struggle and disadvantage.

Here at CatholicCare, we seek to provide support to people, such as these, who are disadvantaged or overlooked by society. We believe that everyone has a right to feel loved and to have a sense of belonging. We also believe that everyone has a right to have a say in what happens in their life. It is a sad fact that a lot of people do not feel loved; they are lonely and can also lack the resources and capability to do anything in their lives except survive.

We tend to think that the needs of people and families in our community will be met by government. Unfortunately, there are many cracks that people are falling through. Without the work of agencies such as CatholicCare, people and families can be destined for a life of trauma and disadvantage.

Trauma and disadvantage in one generation can lead to this being repeated in subsequent generations. We are aware, therefore, that our work is important and urgent.

This edition of Caring News highlights some of our latest services, including our Communities of Care and Companions Matter programs. It should provide some insight to the sort of needs that exist in our community and how we are seeking to do something about them.

We hope that you can help us in our work, standing with us in extending a hand of love and support to those who need it.

Alternatively, if you or someone you know needs assistance, please contact our CCareline on 13 18 19 to find help.

We pray that God will grant you, your family and friends peace and joy.

Mark Phillips
Chief Executive Officer
CatholicCare Sydney

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